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Business Insurance

Coverage and Risk Management solutions for companies of all sizes.

Business insurance in the Syracuse, NY area, throughout Central New York and beyond.

In today’s ever-changing environment, risk is constant. Business insurance isn’t. We’ll thoroughly assess your business and situation to develop creative, comprehensive, cost-effective solutions that fit your needs.

Many insurance agents claim to be “Risk Managers,” in all actuality all they do is get quotes from as many companies as they can. At the Reagan Companies, our goal is to reduce your actual risk exposures, not just sell a commodity-based product to you. Our unique approach allows us to get a deep understanding of your company, and what sets you apart from your competition. It also allows us to discover hidden issues and problems that may be lurking in the shadows of your business. We want to make sure that you are focused on your business, not the business of Risk Management.

Industry Specialties

Contractor Insurance

Contractor insurance isn’t one-size-fits-all. A specialized policy allows you to easily customize and simplify your insurance coverage to ensure that your business’ unique needs are protected.

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Trucking Insurance

Does your company make use of commercial trucks? If so, you may need to consider commercial trucking insurance, which covers more risks than your typical auto insurance would.

Captive Insurance Management

Captive insurance is a unique way for a business to insure itself. In many cases it can improve a business’ tax position and help to avoid legal pitfalls. Could captive insurance be an option for your business?

Non-Profit Insurance

Even though your organization’s goal is to help people, you are still running a business. That means your non-profit needs to protect itself against the risks that small business owners face. We’ll help you design a non-profit insurance policy that covers your organization’s unique needs.

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Manufacturer Insurance

Manufacturers come in all shapes, sizes and product lines. But no matter what type of manufacturing business you’re in, there’s one thing in common: the need to protect your business. We can help you design the right manufacturer’s insurance policy.

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Wholesaler and Distributor Insurance

As a wholesaler or distributor, your business has heightened risks because of the amount of stock kept onsite. A specialty wholesaler and distributor insurance policy protects you from the unique financial risks associated with this type of business.

Dealership Insurance

The risks associated with owning a dealership are diverse, no matter what you sell. From workers’ comp to coverage for customers’ vehicles, we’ll help you navigate the complexities and design a policy that keeps your business running smoothly.

Garage Repair Shop Insurance

Garage repair shops face high financial risks simply because of the nature of the business. A specialty insurance policy can protect your garage repair shop from potentially devastating financial losses.

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Property Manager Insurance

If you manage residential or commercial properties, you face a diverse set of risks and potential losses. From liability issues to damage protection, we’ll help you navigate the world of property manager insurance and design coverage that’s a perfect fit.

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School Insurance

Schools can be a second home for the families they serve. Protecting this community hub is crucial. Having the right insurance in place for a school’s unique needs can make all the difference when an incident occurs.

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Technology Firm Insurance

Technology firms face unique risks due to the nature of their work. Specific tech firm insurance can help to combat and prevent these risks.

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Business Products

Business Auto Insurance

Whether you have one vehicle or a whole fleet, we can help you implement custom coverage that will protect your business and personal assets from the additional exposure that commercial vehicles bring with them.

Commercial Property Insurance

Commercial property insurance protects your assets in the event that they are stolen, damaged or destroyed in a fire or natural disaster. We’ll partner with you to design insurance coverage that will protect your company’s property.

Workers’ Compensation Insurance

Workers’ compensation insurance covers employees injured on the job or in auto accidents while on business. It also covers work-related illnesses. We’ll work with you to find a solution that creates a safer and more productive workplace.

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Commercial Umbrella Insurance

Commercial umbrella insurance is designed to supplement existing insurance policies, giving you an additional layer of protection for your business. We’ll work with you to find the right umbrella solution to cover all your business needs.

Cyber Liability Insurance

Cyber liability insurance protects your business against the expenses associated with a data breach. We’ll help you evaluate the data liability risks your business faces and find you a policy that meets your specific needs.

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Employment Practice Liability Insurance (EPLI)

As an employer, you face a rising tide of employment practices litigation alleging discrimination, sexual harassment, retaliation and other employment-related issues. We’ll work with you to help you assess and manage your risk proactively.

Errors & Omissions Liability Insurance (E&O)

Errors & omissions liability insurance protects any business that gives advice, makes educated recommendations, designs solutions or represents the needs of others. We’ll design coverage that will ensure that one simple mistake does not cause financial devastation.

Directors & Officers Liability Insurance (D&O)

Directors & officers liability insurance covers directors and officers for claims made against them while serving on a board of directors and/or as an officer. We’ll work with you to protect your organization’s greatest asset: your senior leadership.

Flood Insurance

At least 25 percent of businesses that close after destructive events such as floods never reopen. We’ll design a policy that will protect your business, as well as its physical contents and assets, from the damage costs that come from floodwater.

Crime Insurance

Every company, regardless of size, is a potential target for white collar crime. We’ll work with you to design insurance coverage that helps you minimize risk and protects your business and your assets from theft, fraud and forgery.

Builders Risk Insurance

Did you know you can protect your properties even before they are finished being built? Builders risk insurance protects from risks like fire, theft and more.

Surety Bonds

A surety bond is a great way to guarantee that a large investment in a project is not lost—whether or not the work gets done. This type of insurance is especially common in the construction industry, and is often utilized for government contracts.

Ocean Marine Insurance

Ocean marine insurance is insurance used to protect cargo, vessels and other items while they are being transported across the ocean. We’ll work with you to design coverage that provides real protection when you’re in open waters.

Inland Marine Insurance

Inland marine insurance is coverage that protects your business property while it’s away from your business location. We’ll help you ensure that your property is protected not only at your location but also while it is off-site or in transit.

Environmental Insurance

Environmental concerns continue to be a leading societal and business risk issue, sometimes posing serious unexpected challenges. We’ll work with you to create a custom solution to help protect your business against environmental risks.

Systems Breakdown Insurance

Systems breakdown insurance covers the sudden and accidental, physical damage to equipment that requires its repair or replacement. We’ll design comprehensive coverage to protect your business against a financial disaster.

Fiduciary Liability Insurance

Fiduciary liability insurance protects individuals acting as ERISA fiduciaries against fiduciary-related claims of mismanagement of a company’s employee benefit plan. We’ll work with you to ensure that employee benefits are handled responsibly and your trustees are protected.

Fleet Insurance

Fleet insurance is the simplest way to cover all of the cars and trucks owned by your company with a single policy.

We are your advocate for your surety bond program

A strong relationship with your bonding company is critical to the success of your contracting business.
Industry-Leading Surety Experience

We have an expert team with extensive underwriting experience working for you. We understand how bonding companies make decisions and will be a strong advocate for your company. You benefit from our solid relationships with our bonding companies and there’s constant collaboration between your bonding company, our bond department and you.

Market Access

We work with a wide variety of markets, including the largest surety companies in the country. We utilize standard and non-standard markets, large and small programs, the SBA Surety Bond Guarantee Program, the NYS Surety Bond Assistance Program, and various “credit approval” applications. We currently write bonds for the following surety companies:

Our Company Focus

Our Bond Department brings the experience and financial professionalism necessary to maximize your surety bond program. We proactively manage our clients’ bond programs by working closely with their CPAs, bank representatives and bond underwriters.

PDF Resources

  • C.A. Shea & Company, Inc.
  • CCI Surety
  • Cincinnati Insurance Companies
  • CNA Insurance Companies
  • Excise Bond Underwriters
  • Great American
  • Hanover Insurance Companies
  • Harco National Insurance
  • Hartford Ins. Co.
  • Hudson Insurance Co.
  • Liberty Bond Services
  • Merchants Bonding Company
  • National Grange Mutual
  • Philadelphia Indemnity Insurance Co.
  • Selective Insurance
  • Skyward Specialty Insurance
  • The Magnes Group, Inc.
  • The Service Insurance Company
  • Tokio Marine HCC – Surety Group
  • Travelers Insurance Companies
  • U.S. Surety Services Agency Inc.
  • Universal Service Agency, Inc.
  • Utica Mutual Ins. Co.
  • Zurich North America

From large contract bonds to small commercial bonds, we can accommodate virtually any surety bond request, including:

  • Bid Bonds
  • Performance Bonds
  • Payment / Labor & Materials Bonds
  • Maintenance Bonds
  • Supply Bonds
  • Retainage Bonds
  • “Perm 44” Highway Permit Bonds
  • Excess Weight Road Bonds
  • Contractor License Bonds
  • Wage & Welfare Bonds
  • Court Bonds
  • Subdivision Bonds
  • Probate Bonds
  • Mortgage Broker Bonds
  • Motor Vehicle Dealer Bonds
  • Utility Bonds
  • Release of Lien Bonds

Additional Services Include:

Financial Analysis

Subcontractor Pre-qualification

Joint Venture Partners

Pre-qualification Support

Bond Form & Contract Review

Small Business Administration

Our experience is your advantage. We look forward to meeting your surety bond needs.

Exceeding expectations: A new industry standard.

Reagan Companies is not your typical broker! From compliance to communication, let us provide a full spectrum of solutions for you and your company. We understand the challenges today’s employers face, and we know you’re asked to take on more than ever before. EXPECT more from a broker—EXPECT our full spectrum of solutions.

Group Health Insurance

In general, group health insurance is the first priority for employees and is the second largest expense for employers behind payroll. We’ll help you navigate the healthcare process so you can hire and retain top talent.

Group Dental Insurance

Offering your employees a comprehensive dental plan adds an attractive element to your benefits package. We’ll work with you to design coverage that gives your employees dental care at a reasonable cost.

Group Vision Insurance

Good eye care can help diagnose more serious health problems. We’ll help you find a vision plan that works for you and your team.

Disability Insurance

Disability insurance protects your employees from a temporary loss of income and is a fundamental part of a quality employee benefits package. We’ll implement a plan structured just for you.

Employee Assistance Plan

An employee’s emotional well-being can affect work performance, impacting the company’s bottom line. We’ll help you design a program that supports a happy, healthy and productive workforce.

Group Voluntary Benefits

Even if you’re unable to offer healthcare benefits, you can give your employees the opportunity to secure valuable coverage at significantly lower rates than they’d pay as individuals. We’ll help you give your employees more.

Life and Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance

Some employees may want coverage that goes beyond life insurance or workers’ compensation. They want to be covered in the event of an accident, on or off the job. We can provide that added financial protection.

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