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Cannabis Insurance

Cover your operations with cannabis insurance designed to help your business grow.

Cannabis insurance in the Syracuse, NY area, throughout Central New York, and beyond.

As the operator of a cannabis business in this unique space, you may find real benefits from securing an industry-specific insurance policy.

What cannabis businesses can benefit from insurance? As with any business, you’ll need to protect your property against damage from risks such as fire and theft. Check carefully to make sure your products are covered in transit, such as between a cannabis farm and a storage facility. It’s also worth looking at coverage that pays out for lost income and profits rather than simply the cost of the raw materials. Here are some examples of cannabis businesses that may benefit from a cannabis insurance policy:

  • Cannabis Cultivators
  • Cannabis Dispensaries
  • Cannabis Distributors
  • Cannabis Labs
  • Cannabis Manufacturers
  • Cannabis Retailers

Liability issues are also important in cannabis insurance. This includes general liability insurance that helps protect against incidents such as a visitor to your facility being injured. In addition, product liability insurance helps provide coverage that kicks in if you are sued over your products.

You’ll need to check policy conditions carefully. Often it’s a condition of the insurance that you comply with all local laws, regulations, and licensing. Also, remember that the insurance conditions for medical cannabis may differ from those for recreational cannabis.

Cannabis insurance is a new, thriving industry, but you may still get coverage to protect your business. To find out more about the risks you need to cover, contact us.

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Reagan Companies offers comprehensive cannabis insurance in New York State.

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